Jun 29, 2008

"One Yellow"

" In a darkened room;
One yellow
Romantic Memories"

Jun 28, 2008

"Dani`s Pot-2

"Danielle`s second pot; I held on to for many years; atop scrap fabric;
saved for the perfect still life."

Jun 27, 2008


" Dry Flowers ;just tossed to the side;
An image I couldnt pass up!

Jun 26, 2008

"Yellow Rose"

"Journeys Lite
Tiny Beacons along the path;
Yellow Rose
Warming the Heart;
That Oh so speacial;
Yellow Rose"

Jun 25, 2008

"Garden Sculptures"

" Along the garden wall;figurative sculptures;
call me close to see;Beyond the darkened metal;
Emerging Colors"

Jun 24, 2008

"Lady Vine"

"Behind a Leaf;Gentle chin braced upon the vine.
She peeks at You; Lady Vine"

Jun 23, 2008

"Cocktail Time"

My kind of Martini; lots of olives;I have recieved many interesting martini glass-ware over the years; this is just one.

Jun 21, 2008

"Saint Augustine Door"

Spending some long weekends in St. Augustine has always been so enjoyable.this door I had seen just walking the side streets. till this day; i have been wondering what was beyond the door.

Jun 20, 2008

"Two Red Blooms"

Visiting the gardens in Largo once again; could not resist these big blooms;
Always a surprize; one of my favorite places for long walks and photos.

Jun 18, 2008

"Dani's Pot"

This lil Pot was made by My Niece; back when she was in school; I have saved it for many years.Knowing one day I would paint it. I love showing her children, " the pot your Mom made!

Jun 12, 2008

"Pear N Jug"

One of my favorite finds; this pitcher;and working with a textured canvas;has made this an interesting painting.



"One Bloom"

"Blue Pot"

"North West Golfscape"

I have found a feeling of serenity viewing golf courses.
Im off to paint ..............

"Red Bell"

I fell in love with this bell pepper; I placed on an old mirror I had
laying around the house; it was fun!!!

"Largo Garden"

" Kitty on Quilt"

A friend of a friends Cat; Gracey