Sep 24, 2008

"Muse Eyes"

" My Muse; always talking with her
eyes; at times I think she reads My
heart and soul"

Aug 31, 2008


" This mural was done at a private home
in Clearwater, Florida. On an outside wall of
thier home; they have enjoyed seeing it
when spending time at thier lovely pool!"

Aug 29, 2008


I often take early morning walks
down to dunedin beach and boat
club. Its nice to have quiet time
before the boat niks get going.
This is only one of many
"treasured images"

Aug 26, 2008

"Maine Pottery"

'Gathering items from my travels; setting
them up to paint; brings me back to the place
and time; this little jug; was from Maine.
Mom and I had a great time; we ate lobster every
night! met some nice people; stayed at two B&B`s.
One a working farm.

Aug 22, 2008


"Seen everywhere in Florida
a wonderful flower; with many
colors. They always seem to pop
out at you!"

Aug 21, 2008

"Pink Blooms"

"Presently Exhibited at
St Petersburg; Florida"

Aug 20, 2008

"Fruit Bowl"

"Again finding objects around the home;
makes an interesting composition.
Working with pastels; brings back
memories of my childhood.
As a little girl;I had such fun drawing all
over the walkways and driveway with
Chalk.I often find myself in the toy isles;
bringing memories back!
"Presently Exhibited at BrightHouse;
St Petersburg;Florida

Aug 15, 2008

"Tulips By Fence"

"Presently Exhibited at
Bright House;St Petersburg,Florida

Aug 13, 2008

"Silly Me"

"Moms Wing Back chair; may appear
in many up and coming paintings;
as the cats love to sit on it too!"

Aug 10, 2008

'Morning Sky"

"Living near the Gulf ;
amazing sunrise and sets"

Aug 8, 2008

"Flower Basket"

"Private collection;
Tokyo; Japan

Aug 7, 2008


This little piece kinda evolved one day;
as had a plan to use paints and fabrics
that I thought may be discarded; but;
I put them to good use; sorta my way of
recycling; what fun I had,

Aug 3, 2008

"Oriental Still Life"

" "Its always fun to look around my home;
and put together different items to paint.
An endless mission!"